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Jaty Tam, ND

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Tam is trained to diagnose and treat all types of disease, and is a general practitioner who does not have a specialty medical practice. However, she has a special interest in a few areas where she has extensive experience and a passion.




Heart Disease & Diabetes

Dr. Tam recognizes that the rates of hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, and diabetes explode at epidemic rates throughout North America, and particularly in Ontario, placing a large percentage of the population dependant on pharmaceutical medications that, without other intervention, they would have to take for their lifetimes. This is an area of great interest for Dr. Tam because she has seen how the naturopathic approach can have great success in treating these conditions.

There is much evidence to show that dietary and lifestyle modifications can have a significant impact on improving the outcomes of these conditions, and preventing development of heart attack and stroke. There are also a number of nutritional supplements and herbal medicines that can make a substantial positive impact on these cardiovascular conditions.

Weight Management

Rates of obesity are also on the rise, and are closely associated to heart disease and diabetes, as well as other health conditions. Dr. Tam has a great interest in helping people achieve their ideal weight, not only in providing dietary and exercise recommendations, but exploring with her patients the mental, emotional, and social aspects to this issue. Taking the time to understand the whole person and counsel her patients on all the various factors that may affect their weight has been vital to Dr. Tam’s success in this area.

Dr. Tam has designed a Group Weight Management Program, as she finds that the support provided by a group of peers going through a similar experience can be greatly motivational and further increase success.

Women’s Health

The area of women’s health is what first sparked Dr. Tam’s interest in the health care field. As a woman, Dr. Tam has a great understanding of the physical, emotional, and social factors that can affect a woman’s overall health and sense of well-being. Dr. Tam has a particular interest in menstrual health, believing that no woman should (but many women do) simply accept symptoms such as menstrual cramps, PMS, heavy periods, or irregular periods. In order to provide full and complete care to women, Dr. Tam offers to teach patients how to do self-breast exams, laboratory testing for complete hormone evaluations, and gynecological exams and PAP tests.

Dr. Tam has designed a special workshop called “Love Your Period” for women of all ages who are interested in dispelling the myths that stand in the way of fully connecting with their womanhood. For more information on this workshop, please contact us by submitting a question online.