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Standard Blood Tests & Urine Analysis

Offered to assess cholesterol, hormone function, organ function, mineral status, diabetes and others.  Many of these tests are also provided by your Medical Doctor, and may be covered under OHIP if performed by a Medical Doctor. As Naturopathic Medicine is not currently covered under OHIP, these tests will not be covered by OHIP.


Specialized Laboratory Tests

These tests offered by your Naturopathic Doctor are not typically performed by your Medical Doctor. These include Saliva Hormone Tests (often used in fertility management), allergy and food sensitivity testing, and nutritional testing (includes hair and urine analysis for toxic elements, and omega 3 testing).


PAP Test and Gynecological Exam

Dr. Tam is trained and licensed to perform a full gynecological examination, which includes an external and internal exam, PAP test as well as other tests as required, including sexually transmitted diseases.  PAP and other tests performed during the examination are not covered by OHIP.